Alison Tilley
UKCP Registered Gestalt Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor Offering Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision in Poole & Bournemouth, Dorset

What is Gestalt Psychotherapy and Counselling?

Gestalt Psychotherapy is a holistic therapy that sees you, rather than the therapist, as the expert on yourself. A Gestalt Therapist works to help you become more aware of yourself and how you manage your feelings and experience rather than offering advice and telling you how to change. A Gestalt therapist aims to help you learn 'how to think' about your difficulties rather than 'what to think'.

Gestalt aims to help you become aware of how your patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour developed in the past as a result of your past experiences. It regards these as a 'creative aadjustment' or, put another way, the best that you could do at the time given the circumstances. It does not regard these as a sign that there is something wrong with you but aims to help you decide whether you want to keep these patterns or whether and how you want to change them. Patterns of feeling,behaviour and relating that you developed in one part of your life may no longer be appropriate or helpful in your current life. For example,maybe you don't need to be as anxious and frightened as you were when you were a child because many things have changed.

I also use the other therapies I have trained in, such as Assertiveness and CBT(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help you develop the skills to make the changes in thoughts,feelings and behaviour that you want.

A quote about Gestalt Therapy
'Gestalt psychotherapy is a practical and creative approach to therapy. It emphasises that people cannot be understood in isolation but only as part of the environment in which they live. It underlines the importance of the connection between psychological events and the settings in which the events occur. In the famous phrase: "no man is an island": we all influence and are influenced by our surroundings all the time.

The approach focuses on the development of people's holistic awareness of themselves, their circumstances and how they function in those circumstances. This involves assisting people to get a fuller sense of the ways they feel think and act in different situations and at different times, through awareness of their moment-to-moment activity in the therapeutic setting. This in turn helps them to increase their choices about how they live their lives and interact with other people.'

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